Patterns of Speculation

“If I could help to promote experimental architecture by borrowing the model of a commercial art gallery. The idea is that the gallery would have a cultural role, but would also serve to promote and give value to work that is often overlooked and hardly known outside of the field, and so it was really meant as a kind of platform to bring experimental architecture to a broader public.”
Henry Urbach

With his latest project, Urbach brings experimental architecture also to some of us - architects.
Patterns of Speculation is an exhibition presenting work of J. MAYER H.
Berlin based architect focuses on works at the intersection of architecture, communication and new technology. In his projects he explores new materials and the relationship between the human body, technology and nature.
His teaching experience is also impressive; he must have thought at all the best universities in the world!
Anyway, this really interesting exhibition opens on the 5th of February in SF MOMA.
Hope that Urbach’s ideas and new methods of how to exhibit and show architecture will be as innovative as Mayer’s work.
Shame I can’t just go and see for myself…

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