Foster's Metropolitan in Warsaw.
Typical shots but also indirect view from the Victoria at the other side of the square.



Warsaw, I miss it already...

Sami Swoi

Few photographs from my trip to Warsaw that didn’t seem that big that day..


Winter Walk

Weekend wondering around-Vistula river, Warsaw.


Sally Mann

I find these childrens' prematurity incredibly moving.

jonas loellmann

Different shades of blue by Jonas Loellmann.



“Sometimes when I’ve finished a project I sit down and paint a cartoonish concept drawing with water colors. It is sort of a visual summary that describes the idea of the whole project in just one small piece of paper.”
Mikkel Frost, from Danish Cebra Arkitekter illustrates their ideas with these amazing cartoons. They bring smile on my face :)
I like them so much it was really hard to choose just few for this post.
Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.
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