waiting for better days

Looks like no holiday this year...
(My bedroom in Florence, over a year ago.)


Not a Pavilion

"I will not make a pavilion for you but an Electronic Poem and a vessel containing the poem; light, color image, rhythm and sound joined together in an organic synthesis."
What an amazing way to describe architecture!
Something, we architects, have to always remember-to come outside the building...


realm of imagination

Incredible drawings by Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin from the group of Soviet artists in the late 80s, known as Paper Architects.


polaroid love

Their imperfection and sensitivity to light makes them incredibly beautiful.
Here portraits by Jody Rogac.
(via frolic)


the wedding thing

Recently, as you can probably see, I’ve been struggling to find something really inspiring, something new and meaningful to share here. My silence is also dictated by a big change in my personal life-I’m getting married next year, hence the slight shift in profile of my research (or maybe not as it's all about good design) ;)
So… here’s something I came across while looking for some inspiration: a March 2002 Vogue editorial inspired with the “White Album”.
I really hope I’ll be able to find something more of that kind for THE day…
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