Marc Yankus

Marc Yankus' training as a painter is apparent in his atmospheric photographs. He incorporates textures that he scans from different materials into his photography to produce foggy, sometimes mysterious landscapes.
Some of them remind me Richter’s work, I’m sure that was one of the inspirations.
On his web site you can see his photographs and other artwork.



"To me, music that breaks your heart is the music that stays with you forever" says Chris Botti.
Certainly this music won’t leave you impassive!
I finally got it! “Italia” is Chris Botti’s last album (2007) with songs and music inspired by Italy.
We are used to typical for the musician slow moving orchestral pieces and this time as well he doesn’t disappoint with quality and beauty of his music.
Phenomenal version of Caruso (composed by Lucio Dalla) but also the first piece “Italia” with Andrea Bocelli just blew me away!
This music is a real treat and perfect for cold evenings...

Josef Koudelka

This photograph is a master’s observation of everyday Slovakian life (1960’) but charged with so much emotion and obviously brilliant technique.
Koudelka is an icon of the XXth century photography; especially well known for his picture of the Prague Spring and gypsies observed during the years of exile.
It’s really worth getting familiar with his work as it’s really moving. I guess that especially for us, people that can relate to this part of the world.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

This amazing hotel, designed by Emiliano López and Mónica Rivera Arquitectos is located in the southernmost part of Navarre (Spain). The site for the four-star hotel is a wheat field, near a spectacular natural park with semi-desert landscape.
Given the site's great views but also sometimes inhospitable conditions (wind, dust, high temperatures), the idea was to design a hotel as a succession of protected and comfortable interior spaces from which to contemplate the exterior.
The hotel rooms have also an outside space with hot tubs and most of all each room has “inhabitable window” from which gests can admire the beauty of the ‘burning’ landscape.
Worth looking at other López and Rivera’s work.


Polaroid Love :)

My beast has arrived :)
Yes, my long-awaited polaroid camera! I only got it for £9,50 from ebay so I’m not sure if it’s any good…
Anyway I really look forwart to testing it.
I hope that my photos will be at least half as good as these ones by Jen Gotch. I wish!
I love her pictures, she’s a bit like polaroid Eva Rubinstein.
Have a look at her blog too.

Poetic Bath Time

“I’m not writing to you because you’re gone.
Your leaving doesn’t surprise me now. It almost
seems like the natural thing to have done, and
it’s because I find it natural that I’m writing
now to ask you to come back. (…)

It was exactly two weeks ago today. Sophia opened the little concrete door onto the terrace of her flat.”

During my visit in NAI’s bookshop, among serious architectural books, I foud this beauty. I opened it, not knowing what to expect, read the first page and just had to have it.
“Reality without Restraint bathtime in the Villa dall’Ava” by Christophe Ven Gerrewey is an example of (as I found out) architectural fiction.
Christophe is architect as well as awarded writer, also teacher at the Department of Architecture and Urban Development at the University Ghent and the Karel de Grote College in Antwerp.
This little book is a beautiful story about people and their sad stories entangled in architectural reality.


Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is a new label. Beautiful clothes for children that I wouldn’t mind wearing myself…

Fact and Fiction Sculptures

Look at that! Jennifer Khoshbin’s Book Project.
The series addresses memory and nostalgia through photographic sculptures made up of iconic images and carved text.
Beautiful idea, really inspiring, hope you’ll like it too.
(via ali loves curtis)

Good news!

Last night I found about yet another couple expecting a baby!
V+V, K+I, D+N and now M+M! Wow!
Congratulation guys and here is this charming, little photo I found on one of my favourite blogs :)
Magda, thanks for a lovely Tibetan night!

Netherlands (2/2)

Few more pictures to give you a flavour of how great it was to be in this architecturally and artistically fascinating country.
Thanks guys for your company and a great adventure!
For more, please click here.


Netherlands (1/2)

Here are some of the photographs I took during the study trip to the Netherlands.
We (Me, Mike and Alessandro) went with a big group of students to Amsterdam, Almere and Rotterdam :)
I will post more photos soon.


"The Mother"

After coming back from the Netherlands I couldn’t sleep, while flipping the channels I came across Roger Michell’s film “The Mother” with Anne Reid and Daniel Craig.
A very different, west London-set story from the director of Notting Hill, scripted by Hanif Kureishi, is a beautifly filmed piece of work that addresses the inner life of an unnoticed woman.
It's a very affecting film that makes you think about your own family relationships, the way we live and honesty of our feelings.
Disturbing but at the same time beautiful picture illustrated with great performances, atmospheric scenes of London and exquisite music.



At last we start seeing Robert’s work on international architectural blogs and in many publications! Maybe because he’s finally got his we site?!
Before I go off to Netherlands I thought I’d put this.
OUTrial House is as always an example of simple idea for beautiful architecture.


"My Kinda Town"

I was amazed seeing this short film today!
British cities in the late 1970s, tried to make themselves appear more exciting to a cinema audience so they recruited Telly Savalas (Kojak!) to narrate these “propaganda” films.
You can read more here.
Hope you’ll enjoy this picture about my city – Birmingham.
As Telly says “it’s my kinda town” (well, he can say that as he’s never been here ;))

Modernist London card pack

I’ve been walking around town today and it’s hard not to notice the overwhelming amount of Christmas decorations. At first I thought it was as always too early but actually it’s only over a month till Christmas.
It’s a good time to think about Christmas cards, especially the ones that have to go to the other side of the ocean :)
Well, as always there is something special for us ;)
The new Stefi Orazi’s line is a selection of Modernist London Christmas cards.
Winter edition pack features iconic modernist buildings like the BT Tower, the Isokon Building, the Barbican, Golden Lane estate, the K8 telephone box and the Royal Festival Hall.
You can see and order them here.



This picture by Aya Brackett made me feel good today.



Another Japanese 'mountain range', this time in the Chikara Ohno’s interiors.
What a great idea, especially for that kind of 'pod approach'.
You can read more about this project here but it's worth getting more familiar with some of his other projects!



I’ve just gone back from the latest Bond film Quantum of Solace.
I must say that was the least “Bond” film I’ve seen from the series and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad. I know that the previous films were quite shallow, even funny but that’s what we liked them for. This one feels a bit more like a really good action film what doesn’t make it original or any different from most of the blockbusters.
What I really liked about this film though were some architectural aspects that any architect/designer will appreciate. First of all the beautiful ESO hotel by Auer + Weber Architecten situated in amazing Chilean desert. It was blown up by the way but only in the film ;)

Another good building was the Festival and Convention Centre in Bregenz by Austrian practice Dietrich and Untertrifaller. Bond movie was filmed there during a performance of Tosca that was a part of the Bregenz Festival. Both buildings bring a lot of enjoyment for our architectural eyes showing a lot of beautiful detailing and the way that the ESO hotel merges with the burning Chilean landscape is just amazing…

We can also admire the Bene AL executive furniture that plays a supporting role at the MI6 headquarters ;)
So, if not just for Bond and his gadgets go and see the film for the exceptional design and architecture. It’s worth it!



Something more positive this time :)
These funny Smilecups are from Ukrainian Studio Psyho and will brighten up your day! This is basically just a plate, but with four cartoony, emoticon-type eyes and a cup shaped like a wide smiling mouth. Besides the plate is big enough to hold your cookies in it. The Smilecup is available in 4 different colours and come in 4 different moods too. How would you like to star your day? :]


All Souls' Day

“And when the day of the final journey arrives,
And the ship is ready to leave never to return,
You will find me on board with little luggage,
Almost naked like children of the sea.”
Antonio Machado

In memory of all the dear ones that aren’t with us anymore as we remember them today and tomorrow in Poland.
(Painting - "Two Candles" by Gerhard Richter)