Reminds me of this.

Musashino Art University Library and Museum

"Not an object but field of relationship."
Yet another amazing project by Sou Fujimoto.
Soon his buildings will be invisible, perceived with our senses as different environments and it's really exciting!
(Images in majority via here)


Atlas of Remote Islands

Wish I could visit one of those islands...



Phoebe Cummings

Phoebe Cummings in her V&A residency projects looks at how nature and landscape have been represented historically through ceramic objects and used in construction of three-dimentional environments.
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"Today the world of architecture resembles a football match with only star players who can do anything with a ball, but without goal posts and consequently without goals. However magnificent the action, it is unclear where the game is heading and what exactly we can expect of it. There are far more possibilities than ideas, and so our wealth is also our poverty."



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More about the biennale to come.



We're off to Venice next week for the biennale.
Hopefully we will be surprised with the quality of the presenting work this time although reading Sejima's statement I have big doubts.
Nevertheless, I really look forward to going there and enjoy the event merithorically, socially and enjoy the city of course :)
Will be back soon with loads of photographs to share.
(image: Teatro del Mondo, Aldo Rossi, Venice, 1979 )


golden lane

This post is delayed by 2 months, I guess.
I needed some time to feel right about showing these.
I feel an enormous nostalgia every time I walk around these Brutalist icons..


Looking for inspiration for our trip to Venice.
Despite all the recent problems we’re off to the Architecture Biennale, should be good.


margaret durow

More here.


waiting for better days

Looks like no holiday this year...
(My bedroom in Florence, over a year ago.)


Not a Pavilion

"I will not make a pavilion for you but an Electronic Poem and a vessel containing the poem; light, color image, rhythm and sound joined together in an organic synthesis."
What an amazing way to describe architecture!
Something, we architects, have to always remember-to come outside the building...