London Impressions

Just few polaroids from St James Park, Covent Garden and Trellick Tower.
I will post more and write about my visit in the brutalist icon soon.


Oscar Niemeyer in Vice Magazine

The latest interview with Oscar Niemeyer was published in the last issue of Vice Magazine.
I was quite surprised to see it in there but hey, it was a nice surprise.
Here you can read the whole interview where the 101 old Niemeyer (!) talks about building Brasilia, beauty of curves, importance of women and his recent work as he is one of those people that can never give up their passion.
(via archdaily)


Frank Lloyd Wright Lego Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation announced that The LEGO Group is now the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® LEGO Architecture sets.
Can't wait to put my hands on it :)
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Itay Ohlay

Here Papa Chair by Itay Ohlay for Krzysiek (and other brand new dads) to keep him going till the International Children's Day (in Poland 1st of June) :)
More of Itay's ineresting work here.


Martino Gamper

Martino Gamper’s furniture have been known for a while but it’s not just objects that he’s work is all about. In his work Gamper focuses on creating "situations" that allow for social interactions, creating site-specific installations and organising special events.
My favorite Gamper’s project is now nearly two years old, “100 Chairs in 100 Days” exhibited in Design Museum in London (November 2007) in which he shows his love for objects with a story to tell.
Here the Italian designer took on a challenge of making 100 chairs in 100 days, using found and discarded furniture. In this rapid process Gamper managed, with great sensitivity, to create incredibly beautiful collection of objects that engage us with their collage-like story telling.
More on Martino Gamper’s web site.


Several Silences at the Renaissance Society

‘Several Silences’ is one of the current shows at Chicago’s Renaissance Society’s.
The title of the exhibition is drawn from a 1979 essay by the late Jean-François Lyotard and explores the various social and aesthetic valences of silence in contemporary culture.
Artists like Ryan Gander, Harold Mendez or Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann attempt with their art work to formalize the most immaterial of phenomena in this modest but powerful exhibition.
Interesting idea hopefully showing the enormous potential of silence and it’s value as an artistic form of expression.
You can read more about the show here.

To relate to this subject in the most obvious way, with music, here is a master class with Arvo Part where he talks about his probably the most famous piece “Fur Alina”.
Part is one of the most important modern minimalists and silence plays the key role in his musical compositions that are always a spiritual experience. Enjoy!


Contemporary Architecture in Painting

“How could a Renaissance artist react to our cities build in the name of economic benefit and rationality?”
"Contemporary architecture in painting" is a possible answer to that question illustrated with a series of seven paintings by SerraGlia.
Placing these renaissance figures in contemporary contexts makes the very rational, modernist setting friendly for people and even more, through their prominent presence makes it a magical place.
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Oxford Trip

Few pictures from my trip to Oxford.
Big thank you to Angela who took us there and did her first longer distance drive :)

Unpacking My Library at MAS

Do you sometimes wish you could see your heroes’ library and what is in their music collection to see what shaped and influenced them?
Well now there is a chance in a way to do so!
This Monday Peter Eisenman and Michael Graves were talking at Municipal Art Society in NY (MAS) about their "personal book collections and the books that have most influenced their work."
The discussion is part of Urban Center Books' Unpacking My Library exhibition and a series of ten events.
Following Eisenman and Graves will be Toshiko Mori, Stan Allen, Liz Diller and Ric Scofidio, Michael Sorkin, Henry Cobb, Steven Holl, Bernard Tschumi, and Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.
What a treat! As always though it’s a shame that it’s all happening in NY!