The Artfarm, designed by HHF Architects + Ai WeiWei is located 1.5h drive from New York, near Salt Point, on the site of an existing private residence. The client is an art collector and owner of Chambers Fine Art, a well known gallery located in New York City and Beijing and which is specialized in contemporary Chinese art.
The building is designed as a series of three pre-engineered and easy to assemble type of steel building. From the outside it looks like any other building used for agricultural purposes in that area but it actually stores a professional art collection.
In terms of the character of the internal space, architects proposed pure white, modernist interiors, the only difference are the materials: massive concrete floor and the white shiny PVC batt insulation to provide consistent indoor temperatures, which is a challenge in an area with such enormous change in temperatures.
This example is yet another one showing a new trend of independent and pod-like museums.
If you know Polish, you’ll be able to read my article about this matter in the next coming issue of Polish architectural magazine Zawod Architekt. If not… well. I’m working on a translation ;)
Photos by mentioned here before Iwan Baan.

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