Lifting Mies by PARA Project

With this theoretical project by PARA Project is changing Mies van der Rohe’s Seagrams Building’s identity using comparison to procedures of plastic surgery.
Lifting Mies is a catalog of such surgical procedures that operate directly on Mies’ I-beam.
“The techniques eschew the addition of unnecessary material, the conventional approach to ornamentation, and instead rely on the alteration of what exists — as a facelifts would. No longer identifiable as something dispensable and separate from the restructured body, surgery allows ornamentation to evade easy recognition, just as the ideal facelift transforms one’s identity without revealing the work of the surgeon. By cutting, reshaping, and stitching, surgical techniques make ornament essential to the body, and the pace of New York image-making.”
You can read more about this and other PARA projects here.
I wonder if my brother – as plastic surgeon – will find it interesting ;)

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