Loren Holyoke

Also there I've found Loren Holyoke, artist from San Francisco.
Here is one of his illustrations Siddhartha, called after Hesse's book, one of my favourite by the way.
More of his work on his web site.
I'm going to Vienna tomorrow so hopefully I'll post some photos from my short trip in New Year.
Have a great fun at your parties and all the best in New Year!

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer is a photographer from California, living in NY.
Beautiful stuff found on lena's blog.


Star Belly Monster

What do you think about this picture of the future?
Doesn't sound too bad to me ;)
Very Christmassy I thought, especially after spending all afternoon with my four-year-old niece.
Pictures by Lisa Evans, words by Graham Smith.


Christmas Tree

While my sister and my mum were in the kitchen, I was decorating our Christmas tree with my dad.
Among a lot of decorations I have found some really old ones that brought some nice memories :)


Merry Christmas!

I'm off to Poland tomorrow but will be posting stuff from there :)
Meantime Happy Christmas everyone and all the best in New Year!
I hope you'll all spend this Christmas with your dearest ones in beautiful, wintery atmosphere.
Also I'd like to wish you a lot of happiness, many inspirations, beauty and excitement in 2009.
Keep warm and try not to eat too much :)
Here, for all of you, is a little bit different Christmas card by AKQA.
(via swissmiss)

Leicester – Christmas Do

Bob, John, Catherine, big thank you for organizing a great trip to Leicester.
We had a great time seeing the city's most interesting architecture, having a nice meal and... clubbing :)
Oh, Secret Santa was a big success!
Here are few photos from our trip.


Iwan Baan in AA

This exhibition in AA in London shows recent architectural photography by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan. He has pioneered a 3D interactive photographic technique featuring finished buildings and scale models as well as commissions by leading international architects (OMA, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Toyo Ito, Steven Holl and many more) to photograph the world’s most exciting contemporary architecture.
So all Londoners you should definitely go and see this!
If time allows, I might take a trip and go myself.


Alex MacLean's Aerial Photographs

Here are few winter aerial photographs by Alex MacLean that got me in the Christmas mood, more than anything around.


Alejandro Aravena on Arch Daily

Here is an intersting interview with Alejandro Aravena, chilean architect that we’ve heard a lot about recently. This year awarded with the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale (Promising Young Architect) and selected as a one of the 20 most promising young architects by Icon Magazine, magazine which also features him on the cover of the january issue.
Aravena is founder of Aravena Architects, teacher - Harvard University and Universidad Católica de Chile but most of all the Executive Director of Elemental Chile. Elemental is a “do-tank” that focuses on improving the quality of life in Chilean cities by making a big impact in public policies and improving quality of social housing in Chile and Mexico.
Very down to earth but interesting statements are coming out of this interview. Made me think again about the fundamental issues shaping our profession. I had a chance to listen to him on one of the panels in Swiss pavilion in September on Biennale in Venice. Aravena is definitely an interesting persona, becoming more and more known as another architect after Tschumi “betting on political change”.

(via arch daily ofcourse)


1930' Party

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you that came to the party.
Thank you for dressing up, dancing Charleston, trying unknown spirits and cigars and simply having a good time :)
More photos here.


Iggy Peck, Architect

Another treat for all architectural passionates, big and small!
“Iggy Peck, Architect” is a book about a boy and his passion: building (sometimes with weard materials). This book by Andrea Beaty's with David Roberts's illustrations is on my Christmas presents list. I will probably have to get two, one for my niece and one for myself ;)

"Lost and Found" by Studio Aka

All of you in Britain must know the Lloyd’s advert by Studio Aka. You should also know Oliver Jeffer's Lost and Found book.
Well imagine this beautiful story animated by Aka! Yes, they completed a 25-minute film adaptation of Jeffer's book. The film, directed by Philip Hunt, will debut on the UK’s Channel Four on Christmas Eve.
Can’t wait!
(via swissmiss)


Granada Science Park

Granada Science Park by Carlos Ferrater & Jimenez Brasa Arquitectos is a poetic example of architecture inspired by surrounding landscape.
Construction of the mountain-like roof covers programmatically complex centre, constructing a new topography. That amazing structure as it folds, organizes between folds the skylights that provide natural light to the circulations and connecting spaces.
Even though the building is quite complex with it’s form, it seams simple, natural and embedded in the context.
I don’t want to be too critical but it’s much more successful then some other egsadurated forms we see by a couple of my recently least liked architects (with big names) ;)
(via archdaily)


Architectural Cinematography

A couple of new architectural documentaries are on the way.
One of them is Koolhass Houselife, a film about the Maison à Bordeaux designed by Rem Koolhaas ofcourse.
Unlike most movies about architecture, this documentary focuses less on explaining the architectural qualities of the building than on letting the viewer experience the space by showing this high-tech home from the perspective of Guadalupe Acedo. Guadalupe is the housekeeper and the person who actually has to take care of keeping all this amazing design alive.
I really look forward to seeing the whole film as trailers look and sound really good. The sophisticated technology in the building with soundtrack music by Strauss reminds me of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey but then the main character of Guadalupe on one hand turns it to an architectural comedy on the other makes the building more habitable, more human.
This film has already been shown on many festivals. Now to see the whole film we will have to order the DVD that comes with a book about the film and the building. I will certainly do that!
For now here is one of the trailers…

Another film is by Danish film maker Kaspar Astrup Schröder who is currently finishing My Playground, a documentary on freerunning and parkour, and its relation with the urban spaces. This documentary will features scenes with parkour masters and interviews with urban planners, local politicians, architects and philosophers.
The trailer uses the Mountain Dwellings by BIG as “playground” for the traceurs. The film is expected to be released in the summer of 2009.