Herbie Hancock in Birmingham

The only good thing about today was hearing news about Herbie Hancock coming to Birmingham next month!
Hopefully we’ll be able to hear the music from his last album “River: Joni Letters” witch was a tribute to Joni Mitchell. Beautiful record with explicit performers like Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland, Joni herself, Norah Jones, Luciana Souza (who was by the way performing in Birmingham Town Hall last year with Gil Goldstein), Leonard Cohen and more… These guys make this music sound so different but never the less beautiful. Hancock won’t be touring with those artists but I’m sure this concert will be as always a spiritual experience.
Have a look at this little film that will tell you more about making the album:

Hancock, one of the most influential jazz pianists, will be performing in Birmingham Town Hall on the 20th of November.
If you’re around that time, you MUST go!


I hope that this this beautiful ilustration by Sandra Juto, illustrator/artist from Sweeden, will describe how I feel tonight…
More Sandra’s work and photos here.

Strange Fruit - Zoe Leonard

Here’s a detail from Zoe Leonard’s old installation from the 90’ - "Srange Fruit (for David)".
It’s for my dear friend that had a bad day today. Because of that it wasn’t such a nice day for me too…
D. you know!


Sarugaku by Akihisa Hirata

Only Japanese could do this!
This Sarugaku Shoppin Centre designed by Akihisa Hirata is a set of commercial tenant buildings in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Because of the site constrains these commercial units were designed as mountain-like volumes in valley-shaped space. Each volume can extend to the outside terraced space where the boundary between building and landscape is blurred creating exceptional space for social and cultural events .



Beautiful interiors from Netherlands – i29.


House N by Sou Fujimoto

This is just beautiful!
You can see and read more here and here.
Sorry for being so lazy but there’s plenty other things to do…

Home Sweet Home

What a lovely walk that was!
My dearest ones beside me, mushroom picking, berries eating and all the team lead by this Little Red Riding Hood :)


Liz Diller at TED Talks

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from those three disciplines.
The annual conference brings together really interesting people to give a talk about their work (18 min only). On their site you can watch all of them for free.
Among them was this one, by Liz Diller recorded at the conference in LA in 2007. Really good retrospective of some of Diller And Scofidio work.
Thanks Kamil for sending me the link!

Sverre Fehn - Nordic Pavilion

I have recently returned from the opening of the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, which was curated this year by Aaron Betsky. The exhibition, entitled ‘Out There’ was showing installations focussed on creating architecture and environments ‘without buildings ‘.
The official opening was on Sunday, the 14th of September, but I spent the previous three days of the pre-opening vernissage thanks to my friend Marcin Szczelina who was Betsky’s assistant at this year’s Biennale.
As it is every year, Biennale is divided into two main locations: the Arsenale with exhibition ‘Architecture beyond building’ and the Giardini della Biennale showing the world ‘Experimental Architecture’ in national pavilions. Worth mentioning is fact that Polish Pavilion was awarded with the Golden Lion for Best National Participation.
Many of the thematic presentations of various countries in their national pavilions were largely focused on climate/sustainability, landscapes (both urban and natural), alternative energy, and the modern city. Similar subjects were presented with the installations shown in Arsenale.
I will post more photographs and information soon as it was a lot to take in.
I’m starting with photos of a beautiful Nordic Pavilion by Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn. He designed this pavilion in 1962, at that time he was in the avant-garde of reconciling building with nature.The pavilion is now the venue for a retrospective of his career. Worth mentioning is fact that in 1997 Sverre Fehn was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize.
More soon…



It’s so good to see new good architects appearing on Polish scene! Looking forward to seeing more...
This project is a house for a photographer with a textile elevation reacting to wind move. A little bit like Shigeru Ban’s Curtail Wall House only a Polish version :)
If you like it, please have a look at moomoo web site.