A Trip to Zoo in Vienna

Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is hosting a series of temporary art installations by Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf.
“Directed” by the artists scenes of ecological nightmares are “experimental set-up[s]” in which “the viewer is forced to reconsider traditional modes of animal presentation and simultaneously to question the authenticity of concepts which are restaging 'natural' environments while they are increasingly endangered.”
This project seems interesting to me because of the setting and proposing zoo as a context for art. How often, especially now, could we compare museums to zoo-like entertainment places where people look at objects without much understanding, look for a good day out and not a thoughtful or even spiritual experience…
Too pessimistic? Perhaps… or maybe not?


Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

We all know the film but I saw this video by chance on one of the blogs and it also reminded me the amazing Miles Davis soundtrack. Here one of the scenes with beautiful Jeanne Moreau; goes well with my mood today..


Uta Barth

Beautiful painting-like photographs by Uta Barth.
Remind me of Luisa Lambri's work, in terms of trying to capture the atmosphere of photographed space, only warmer.
More here.


Latest Favorite by Maciej

Can't stop looking at them..
More here.


The Boy Who Always Looked Up

I knew about Trellick Tower before but what really made me go to see this place was this book.
Ryan Gander's book The Boy Who Always Looked Up tells the story of life and death of mentioned Goldfinger, seen through the eyes of a child. Beautiful story that teaches children and reminds us to never give up our dreams and to always look up!

Trellic Tower

Here (only few for now) delayed photographs from my previous visit in London.
They were taken in one of London’s Brutalist icons – Trellict Tower designed in 1966 by Ernő Goldfinger.
This building located in North Kensington, came to epitomise problems of Modernism in the late 70’. I guess that even now a lot of people see it as unpleasant, ugly, even inhumane. In recent years though, thanks to the concerted efforts of the residents, the Tower's reputation has been transformed.
I have to say that I saw both faces of this amazing building…
Big thank you to all the residents I met that were so nice and open to share their thoughts, tell me about their lives and... even let me in! :)


Brick Lane and Other Wonders of London :)

Visit to British Museum

I always enjoy going to this amazing place but this time it was special.
You can also see more on Maciej's Flickr.
Hope you’ll enjoy these photos :)

Bildbauten by Phillipp Schaerer

The series of images „Bildbauten“ by Philipp Schaerer deals with the effect of images of architecture and credibility of architectural photography. It questions photography as medium to document and as a piece of evidence depicting reality.
Frontal views of fictional architectures created and exaggerated by Schaerer serve as an example. They are modeled with their object-like appearance as an ironic critique on formal language of contemporary architecture. All the images are not photographs but reproduce architectural reality. Here through designed and constructed buildings not in real life but by means of image synthesis and digital image editing.
Philipp Schaerer worked as an architect for Herzog & de Meuron and research assistant the Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) at the Faculty of Architecture (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich). With his wide experience in various disciplines his interest lies not only in design and execution of architectural projects, but also in creating images of architecture and the built environment.
Worth looking at!


Magical London

Few photos from my beautiful weekend in London taken with SX70.