Dying Birds by Nicolai Howalt

I couldn’t resist it, just had to put them all here.

So moving.

The last one brings a thought of a Phoenix.

Please see more of Nicolai Howalt’s work, it’s absolutely amazing!

Especially his series “How To Hunt” which shows hunting as ritualised performance inevitably related with slaughter and death but here shown in a Romantic landscape.

Very powerful.

Guy Sargent

Photographs by Guy Sargent.


Silke Otto-Knapp “Winterlong”

I found this film Lumière Frères (1896!) in relation with Silke Otto Knapp's show "Winterlong" that opened this month in Overduin and Kite in LA.


Memories of Wales

Few photos from my last visit in Wales (Autumn 2008).
Reminded me how much I miss that beautiful part of the world :)

London Study Trip

Few photos from the trip we did with students two weeks ago.
More here and on the blog of Year 1 at Birmingham School of Architecutre :)

SANAA to design Serpentine Pavilion

This year's Serpentine Pavilion will be designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa!
I'm sure that their design will be something very special so I can't wait to see it this summer.
More in AJ's article.


Ye Rin Mok

Ye Rin Mok photography.
(via swissmiss)


Love House by Tkeshi Hosaka

“LOVE HOUSE is a house for a couple.”
Here is yet another beautiful little project by yet another talented Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka.
This tiny, three storeys high building is 2,7m wide and 9m deep! The space within this volume is divided into the curved stair (“a place of a sky with the curve”) and the rest of the footprint repeated at each floor, creating a living space (“a place of a roof”).
That way architect created this beautiful and secluded space that is neither external nor internal; a space in which passing time is perceived only by movement of light and shade.
Please read architect’s description of this project here.
And look up his other two built projects on his web site.


Todd Hido

House hunting

By day – a dog sniffs the carpet,
Prospective tenants count
The closets and peer into cabinets.

Everything is a veneer,
Everything is fireboard, hollow core,
Nothing is real.

After dark kids sneak in with bottles of
Colt 45 and Johnny Walker.

They are drawn to the stained mattresses,
To the sky blue plush pile in the master bedroom.
They bring a boom box for half an hour
Or two breathe life into the place.

A.M. Homes

Todd Hido's photographs from foreclosed homes series are in the mentioned Volume's Bootleg Edition for the Urban China: Informal Cities.

His web site here.

Urban China

New exhibition was open at the New Museum in NY last week.
Urban China: Informal Cities is a physical manifestation of the magazine Urban China which explores the current urban situation in China and the United States.
With this exhibition comes the C-Lab (I mentioned them before) publication which is collaboration between the Urban China and Volume magazines.
A lot of big names contributing to this book with their observations on the crisis and its management. Among many others there are people like Jeffrey Inaba, Mark Wigley, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Keller Easterling.
You can read more here.

Lost and Found

"Memory is a mirror that scandalously lies."
Julio Cortazar from "Around the Day in Eighty Worlds"

Few old photos I found on my disc...


Tutaj/Here by Wislawa Szymborska

Another release that took place at the same time as the one of Jarrett’s record. This time I’m talking about the new book of poetry "Tutaj"/"Here" by Polish Nobel Prize Winner Wisława Szymborska.
Sorry that the posted excerpt from the poem "Sny"/“Dreams” is in Polish but that’s all that is available at the moment.
I heard the poet herself reading one of the poems today on the radio - “Ella In Heaven” (about Ella Fitzgerald!). Apparently there will be a CD with all the poems read by the author and I would like to already recommend that as it’s a real treat! Her voice and that charming, poetic story about Ella’s wishes and prayers made me feel like a child listening to goodnight stories read out loud :)

Yesterdays/Keith Jarrett Trio

We have the latest Keith Jarrett trio record that was released over two weeks ago.
"Yesterdays" is an album with music from the Great American Songbook recorded on their concerts in Japan.
Haven’t got the CD yet but heard Jerome Kern's title track "Yesterdays". It’s not a surprise that the amazing trio performs as always to the highest standard bringing their perfect and moving interpretations to their enthusiasts.


The Centro de Arte Ego

“Can you imagine a society in which, just like a television set or a coat stand in the hallway, every family home would have its own Ego Art Centre Museum space, a place where others intervene, an ephemeral and dynamic place, where forms and ideas flow together and take shape? (…)
At Ego, the artist and the curator start from common creative principles that get superimposed in order to undertake a joint production process. In this way, Ego has developed into a critical mechanism geared towards the necessary reformulation of the way in which new artistic practices are reproduced and disseminated. It is also a museum network made up of an undefined number of serialised venues fashioned from a dismountable, portable model that transgresses the concept of grandiose museum architecture.“

The Centro de Arte Ego, originally put together by Carmen Cantón in 1973 is an art centre in the form of a piece of furniture that houses projects by contemporary artists. This hand made box with a museum as a simple enclosure that can be assembled and adapted by anyone is yet another one challenging the concept of a portable museum.
You can watch an interview with Carmen Cantón on Studio Banana where she talks about this project as a mechanism reforming conditions surrounding the work of art.


Missing NY

I can't sleep. Listening to the same song all over again I digged out few photographs from my visit in New York.

Klængur Gunnarsson

To continue on the subject of the "sensitivity of ephemera" here are few photographs by Klængur Gunnarsson . More here.