Having Fun With SANAA

I have already written about this year’s Serpentine pavilion by SANAA but here are few photos from my visit there.
I must say it’s incredibly difficult structure to photograph as there is so little of it! Bizarrely, it amazed me how little materiality you need to define space and give it very specific characteristics.
It was pure joy to see how people interact with it, especially children! Chasing their reflection in the hovering roof and looking at it from above surprised by the scale of the building or running around the forest of column. All set in Kensington Gardens and even more engaged with the surrounding thanks to the presence and character of the pavilion.
I am not afraid to say that looking at the history of this architectural event at Serpentine, the most successful pavilions were always the ones designed by Japanese architects. Probably because of their incredible sensitivity and love for temporality and nature.
If you’re in London any time by October you should go and experience this for yourself.


iza said...

piekne zdjecia, jak zawsze zreszta :)

Malwina Witkowska said...

dziekuje, nie wiedzialam, ze komentujesz na blogu, dopiero teraz zauwazylam :)