Julius Shulman (1910-2009)

The incredible Julius Shulman, responsible for amazing images of South California modernism is dead.

"He, in my opinion and the opinions of many, is the most important architectural photographer in history. He elevated what you might consider a commercial genre to a fine art". C. Krull

A guess that a lot of iconic buildings by such fames like Pierre Koenig, Charles Eames or Richard Neutra would never get the recognition if not for Shulman’s photography.
The Getty Center bought Shulman's archive of 260,000 photos in 1995 so I guess we can expect an amazing retrospective exhibition and many new publications with his work. Maybe it will also include the photographs he worked on in his 90’ with his collaborator Juergen Nogai?
I also recommend a documentary (that I hope we will be able to get on DVD soon) “Visual Acoustics”, directed by Eric Bricker. It looks like a very extensive image of this amazing architectural photographer but also naturalist, educator, and commentator on urban form.

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