Poetic Bath Time

“I’m not writing to you because you’re gone.
Your leaving doesn’t surprise me now. It almost
seems like the natural thing to have done, and
it’s because I find it natural that I’m writing
now to ask you to come back. (…)

It was exactly two weeks ago today. Sophia opened the little concrete door onto the terrace of her flat.”

During my visit in NAI’s bookshop, among serious architectural books, I foud this beauty. I opened it, not knowing what to expect, read the first page and just had to have it.
“Reality without Restraint bathtime in the Villa dall’Ava” by Christophe Ven Gerrewey is an example of (as I found out) architectural fiction.
Christophe is architect as well as awarded writer, also teacher at the Department of Architecture and Urban Development at the University Ghent and the Karel de Grote College in Antwerp.
This little book is a beautiful story about people and their sad stories entangled in architectural reality.


SophyChyan said...

I like your pictures & some single word u say ~

Malwina Witkowska said...

Thanks :)
Hope you'll enjoy the other posts too!