I’ve just gone back from the latest Bond film Quantum of Solace.
I must say that was the least “Bond” film I’ve seen from the series and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad. I know that the previous films were quite shallow, even funny but that’s what we liked them for. This one feels a bit more like a really good action film what doesn’t make it original or any different from most of the blockbusters.
What I really liked about this film though were some architectural aspects that any architect/designer will appreciate. First of all the beautiful ESO hotel by Auer + Weber Architecten situated in amazing Chilean desert. It was blown up by the way but only in the film ;)

Another good building was the Festival and Convention Centre in Bregenz by Austrian practice Dietrich and Untertrifaller. Bond movie was filmed there during a performance of Tosca that was a part of the Bregenz Festival. Both buildings bring a lot of enjoyment for our architectural eyes showing a lot of beautiful detailing and the way that the ESO hotel merges with the burning Chilean landscape is just amazing…

We can also admire the Bene AL executive furniture that plays a supporting role at the MI6 headquarters ;)
So, if not just for Bond and his gadgets go and see the film for the exceptional design and architecture. It’s worth it!

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