Hotel Aire de Bardenas

This amazing hotel, designed by Emiliano López and Mónica Rivera Arquitectos is located in the southernmost part of Navarre (Spain). The site for the four-star hotel is a wheat field, near a spectacular natural park with semi-desert landscape.
Given the site's great views but also sometimes inhospitable conditions (wind, dust, high temperatures), the idea was to design a hotel as a succession of protected and comfortable interior spaces from which to contemplate the exterior.
The hotel rooms have also an outside space with hot tubs and most of all each room has “inhabitable window” from which gests can admire the beauty of the ‘burning’ landscape.
Worth looking at other López and Rivera’s work.


SophyChyan said...

i like the window~~and the bed~~

This crazy ~~ building has imagination very much!!!

rochelle said...

So interesting, but I am not sure I want to go. To harsh for me....but I did take inspiration from this post for a post of my own at http://studiog.greayer.com

Paco Sada said...

Muy buenas fotografías. Me gustan mucho.

Un saludo... Paco