Sato de Moura-the Storyteller

This building has been widely published in nearly all of the architectural magazines this month. In my opinion it deserves the attention so I thought it should also appear here.
Casa das Histórias in Cascais, designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura is a museum dedicated to the work of Portuguese artist Paula Rego. The architect was asked by the artist (as apparently they both admire each other’s work) to design the building for her paintings and drawings.
What I find particularly special in the design is the storytelling quality to this building.
Sauto de Moura becomes, in a way, a bard that through these earthly and sculptural forms tells us about local architectural heritage, his inspiration taken from Aldo Rossi’s but most of all creates a sensitive home for the moving stories told by Paula Rego.
All incredibly powerful in it’s simplicity, inviting to visit and get to know the stories told with color, space, light and materiality.

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