The Cardboard Gallery

As I said before we helped our friends build the Cardboard Gallery that was opened for the Art Under the Bridge Festival in Brooklyn last weekend.
The gallery was/is an alternative space for exhibiting art constructed out of local cardboard, wood and plastic, designed by architect and our dear friend Marta Gazicka. The Cardboard Gallery is an initiative of the Gemini Corporation TM, "experimental art consulting team" established and lead by Vesna Krstich and Nikolas Drosos who through this project tried to question how artists can forge alternative venues in the present economic recession.
The gallery hosted a video Barter by Ukrainian artist collective SOSka Group about the perception of art value in the minds of Ukrainian farmers.
You can read more about the project here. Meantime I hope you'll enjoy some of the photos I took during the preparation for assembling the structure for the festival in Brooklyn.
Thank you guys for getting us involved in this project and most of all for such a great time!


Daniel said...

I was so happy to be a part of the project too, and to see you both there. Absolutely great photos, as always.

Malwina Witkowska said...

Thank you!
Hope to see you soon, maybe this time in the UK?