Cambridge, In Search of Presence

Last weekend I visited my sister in Cambridge who’s working ther over the summer.
As she is staying in one of the vacant Fitzwilliam College dormitories I had a chance to see and experience living in some of the well known buildings there.
First of all, from my bedroom window I had a view at the Hall designed by Sir Denys Lasdun, mostly known for his Royal National Theatre on London's South Bank. The Hall was surrounded with student accommodation buildings by himself, Van Heyningen and Haward and the most recent ones by Allies and Morrison, everything surrounding the original, XIXth century Grove designed by William Custance.
There was something very special about this place, probably its history, reputation and heritage. I felt somehow privileged being there but also inspired while working on one of my texts I’m writing at the moment.
This atmosphere was enhanced by the fact that the whole place felt really empty. The buildings seamed to long for students’ racket and presence, submerged in nostalgia, almost looking for a reason.
Here are few photographs I took while being there, I hope they will help you imagine the atmosphere.


cerre said...

you have a beautiful blog.
I enjoy these b&w photos.


Malwina Witkowska said...

thank you, it's nice to hear that :)
I really enjoy your blog too!
I guess it's because of the similar sensitivity..