Trellic Tower

Here (only few for now) delayed photographs from my previous visit in London.
They were taken in one of London’s Brutalist icons – Trellict Tower designed in 1966 by Ernő Goldfinger.
This building located in North Kensington, came to epitomise problems of Modernism in the late 70’. I guess that even now a lot of people see it as unpleasant, ugly, even inhumane. In recent years though, thanks to the concerted efforts of the residents, the Tower's reputation has been transformed.
I have to say that I saw both faces of this amazing building…
Big thank you to all the residents I met that were so nice and open to share their thoughts, tell me about their lives and... even let me in! :)


hawasan said...

I love "brutal" architecture and even if I can emphatize with people seeing it unpleasent, I still think it's magical.
Not the fairy type of magic but pure and raw force of creation and destruction.
Yeah, it's nice.

hawasan said...

my very best - third from the top

Malwina Witkowska said...

thank you :)
I thought you'd like it.
I have more but will show them in the right place and at the right time :)