Latest Favorite by Maciej

Can't stop looking at them..
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Anonymous said...

Nice fine, thanks for sharing :)

Bartek Narożny said...

I did my homework, now I recognize your sx70 :)
The last one really pulls me in

Malwina Witkowska said...

unfortunately this one isn’t mine but the author is the same person that took these black and white photos you’re meant to comment on ;)
thank you anyway :)

Bartek Narożny said...

I do remember that I am meant to comment, but it's so much easier to spot something familiar on the table. Or am I wrong? Is it the SX70 on the 3rd photo?

Malwina Witkowska said...

aaaa, that's what you meant!
sorry, I misunderstood, yes, this is my SX70.
not only it takes amazing photographs but also looks good :)