Tutaj/Here by Wislawa Szymborska

Another release that took place at the same time as the one of Jarrett’s record. This time I’m talking about the new book of poetry "Tutaj"/"Here" by Polish Nobel Prize Winner Wisława Szymborska.
Sorry that the posted excerpt from the poem "Sny"/“Dreams” is in Polish but that’s all that is available at the moment.
I heard the poet herself reading one of the poems today on the radio - “Ella In Heaven” (about Ella Fitzgerald!). Apparently there will be a CD with all the poems read by the author and I would like to already recommend that as it’s a real treat! Her voice and that charming, poetic story about Ella’s wishes and prayers made me feel like a child listening to goodnight stories read out loud :)

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Bartek Narożny said...

trochę małe literki. albo wzrok nie ten ;)