The Centro de Arte Ego

“Can you imagine a society in which, just like a television set or a coat stand in the hallway, every family home would have its own Ego Art Centre Museum space, a place where others intervene, an ephemeral and dynamic place, where forms and ideas flow together and take shape? (…)
At Ego, the artist and the curator start from common creative principles that get superimposed in order to undertake a joint production process. In this way, Ego has developed into a critical mechanism geared towards the necessary reformulation of the way in which new artistic practices are reproduced and disseminated. It is also a museum network made up of an undefined number of serialised venues fashioned from a dismountable, portable model that transgresses the concept of grandiose museum architecture.“

The Centro de Arte Ego, originally put together by Carmen Cantón in 1973 is an art centre in the form of a piece of furniture that houses projects by contemporary artists. This hand made box with a museum as a simple enclosure that can be assembled and adapted by anyone is yet another one challenging the concept of a portable museum.
You can watch an interview with Carmen Cantón on Studio Banana where she talks about this project as a mechanism reforming conditions surrounding the work of art.

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