Architectural Cinematography

A couple of new architectural documentaries are on the way.
One of them is Koolhass Houselife, a film about the Maison à Bordeaux designed by Rem Koolhaas ofcourse.
Unlike most movies about architecture, this documentary focuses less on explaining the architectural qualities of the building than on letting the viewer experience the space by showing this high-tech home from the perspective of Guadalupe Acedo. Guadalupe is the housekeeper and the person who actually has to take care of keeping all this amazing design alive.
I really look forward to seeing the whole film as trailers look and sound really good. The sophisticated technology in the building with soundtrack music by Strauss reminds me of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey but then the main character of Guadalupe on one hand turns it to an architectural comedy on the other makes the building more habitable, more human.
This film has already been shown on many festivals. Now to see the whole film we will have to order the DVD that comes with a book about the film and the building. I will certainly do that!
For now here is one of the trailers…

Another film is by Danish film maker Kaspar Astrup Schröder who is currently finishing My Playground, a documentary on freerunning and parkour, and its relation with the urban spaces. This documentary will features scenes with parkour masters and interviews with urban planners, local politicians, architects and philosophers.
The trailer uses the Mountain Dwellings by BIG as “playground” for the traceurs. The film is expected to be released in the summer of 2009.

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