Alejandro Aravena on Arch Daily

Here is an intersting interview with Alejandro Aravena, chilean architect that we’ve heard a lot about recently. This year awarded with the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale (Promising Young Architect) and selected as a one of the 20 most promising young architects by Icon Magazine, magazine which also features him on the cover of the january issue.
Aravena is founder of Aravena Architects, teacher - Harvard University and Universidad Católica de Chile but most of all the Executive Director of Elemental Chile. Elemental is a “do-tank” that focuses on improving the quality of life in Chilean cities by making a big impact in public policies and improving quality of social housing in Chile and Mexico.
Very down to earth but interesting statements are coming out of this interview. Made me think again about the fundamental issues shaping our profession. I had a chance to listen to him on one of the panels in Swiss pavilion in September on Biennale in Venice. Aravena is definitely an interesting persona, becoming more and more known as another architect after Tschumi “betting on political change”.

(via arch daily ofcourse)

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