Private Library

Here is another film about a beautiful peace of architecture.

New York architect Andrew Berman was asked to design a private library and writing studio in a densely wooded area of Long Island.

As Berman describes in the film, the building is just a door, the door in the woods.

In a way that absence of the building makes it an enigmatic presence. Like a literary vision of the magical door to another world.

The building designed as a framework for experiencing the surrounding is a very inspiring and peaceful space where the nature and light is directly involved in this architectural experience.

What is worth mentioning is the fact that this film by David Vegezzi is part of a series of short films initiated by C-Lab showcasing young directors, video artists, animators, and motion graphics designers.

C-Lab, the Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting, is an experimental research unit at Columbia University devoted to the development of new forms of communication in architecture. Their work is really worth our attention, I will write more soon as I’ve been meaning to do that for a while!

Anyway, here through this beautifully filmed material C-Lab with David Vegezzi bring this poetic architecture to much broader audience than just architects!

More on C-Lab soon, meantime no matter whether you are an architect or not, I hope you will enjoy the film!

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