The Stone Thermal Baths by Peter Zumthor

“I believe that human effort can bring the work, a novel, a poem or string quartet to life. When it succeeds, this creates a specific world, a cosmos and this gives rise to a particular understanding, an emotion that forms whole.

I enter it when I feel like it. As wonderful film, I enter a specific world that bears the imprint of someone who invented it, fought and felt it for me.

That’s fine definition of architecture, it provides freedom.”

Peter Zumthor

Spa in Vals, Switzerland designed by Peter Zumthor has been known for 12 years now. I must say I have never visited this amazing building but I have known it from a lot of publications and stories told by friends architects that have been there. Here is yet another story about this mystical place created by the Swiss architect where bathing occurs as mythological ritual in the “world of stone, skin and water” .

This beautiful documentary is part of the Architects series published by Illuminations Media.

Definitely worth watching (here in 3 parts)!


marcin said...

well, nice blog!

all the best and see u in Venice!


Federica Colombo said...

I was just looking for this quote, after watching the movie. Very interesting vision about architecture. Thank you