How It Is

Here few photographs I took during our last visit in Tate.
Not the best as it was dark, I didn't have tripod and the fact I forgot my light meter just put me off photographing a bit.
Mirosław Bałka’s installation “How It Is” was disappointing at first as we didn’t experience what was described by critiques.
We were expecting to be lost in complete darkness and separated from the outside world, experience loneliness within the black box but that's not what we found. This piece was about loneliness with relation to the outside, about exaggerating distance between the dark abyss where we were and the light exterior which somehow felt out of our reach. It was also about loneliness we feel among people that here were reduced to black silhouettes of entering viewers, whispers around you.
What was also amazing was how contextual that piece was, in some places it looked like three dimensional negative of the Turbine Hall (reminded me of some of Rachel Whiteread's work).
All very powerful, it's a shame it's not there anymore as I would highly recommend visiting.

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hawasan said...

hmm. At first I loved the photos. And then I read the description, and after that I would expect photos to be darker, much darker. Even just dark.