On Architecture Again

Recently I haven’t been posting much about architecture, not directly, as it really disappoints me.
I look at many different architectural blogs being written around the world and everything I see is the same. The same patterns are being copied and architecture is being reduced to production of exciting or sometimes even bizarre images. Very often theories are being added to those images later, repeating everything that has been said in the 60’ and 70’.
It is rear to see buildings that are honest, responsive and don’t try to shock you with it’s appearance.
There are exceptions, thankfully and here is one of them.
This is something I found among Arno Brandlhuber’s work, I love it!
Worth looking at his other projects and other art and theoretical activities.


Ola O Smit said...

Hej Malwina
Bardzo inspirujacy blog.
pozdrawiam serdecznie.

hawasan said...

yeah. at a first look it is truly amazing, but I would like to verify the interior ,-) and some functionality