The Collection-The Final Assembly

Here is a delayed post showing our student’s work and the assembly of their final proposal for the project this/last term.
As I mentioned in this blog before I am a VT at the Architecture Faculty, at The Birmingham City University.
The starting point for this project was The Collection- Siobhan Davies Dance and Ikon Gallery collaborative project, exhibited this autumn at the IKON Eastside Gallery in Birmingham. This piece was looking at the relationship between contemporary art & dance in a responsive space.
I could write a lot about contextual aspects of the exhibiting space and how it’s meant to be responsive and it hardly ever is… anyway, going back to The Collection! ;)
Our first year students were to use The Collection as a vehicle to explore the theme of habitation, analysing the movement of the dancer as a reactive occupation within a space. Next step was to explore its potential when extended onto a landscape and particular context, location.
The project followed a staged process encouraging a design that transformed and evolved from the investigation of conceptual and physical analysis, through transformation of the outcome to a physical model, to a live architectural installation as an alternative external performance space.
I think our students managed really well and the best thing was to see how, with time, they started to understand that architecture is not just the art of building but more of a production of concepts, organising formal representation of how we live today and perceive our reality.
As always it was great fun working with students, a very rewarding experience.
Can’t wait to start our new project this Thursday, I will try to write more about it soon.
Hope you’ll enjoy the photos, if you do, please have a look here for more.

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