ma ke-wu yong

Designer Ma Ke is known in China for her beautiful and silent but also very reflexive clothing.
With her latest collection 'Wu Yong', which translates to 'Useless', the artist refers to China’s history and highlights the role of time, natural processes and the value of handcraft.

Here few of many amazing photographs (couldn’t make up my mind which ones to post!) taken for The Life Magazine by photographer Zhou-Mi that not only promote fashion but also tell the story about the man and earth.
More here.

I also read that Ma Ke is the subject of the film 'Useless', a poetic documentary contrasting her creation with the lives of china’s garment factory workers. This film was awarded the best documentary prize in the 64th Venice Film Festival, directed by Jia Zhang-Ke.
If it’s as moving and visually beautiful as her fashion then I need to see it!

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hawasan said...

this is absolutely amazing! very strong photos