Pritzker for Zumthor!

(Museum in Bregenz, sketch by P. Zumthor)
“I believe that human effort can bring the work, a novel, a poem or string quartet to life. When it succeeds, this creates a specific world, a cosmos and this gives rise to a particular understanding, an emotion that forms whole.
I enter it when I feel like it. As wonderful film, I enter a specific world that bears the imprint of someone who invented it, fought and felt it for me.
That’s fine definition of architecture, it provides freedom.”

Peter Zumthor
I know I used this quote on my blog before but all the other ones I poses are in Polish so I won't dare to translate them. They are very personal to me as those words inspired me once to look deeper into what architecture really is and not fear to have a very personal approach to this discipline.
That is why I am really happy that Peter Zumthor became this year’s laureate of The Pritzker Architecture Prize!
I know I'm posting this late but I hope it will be forgiven as I was away...

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